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If you’re in the same situation as I, you’ll (eventually) see a notification that no driver can be found for an ‘LSI Logic Mega RAID SAS 9250’.The IBM M1015 is actually a rebranded LSI-controller.Furthermore, it will only be used to control the OS-disks and some SSD cache-devices in the server itself, and all data-disks will be in separate enclosures.While installing these machines we ran into some problems with a missing driver for the M1015-controller, with both Open Solaris (snv_134) and Open Indiana (oi_148), and an outdated firmware.Open Indiana is appropriate for desktop or server use and features the GNOME desktop environment as well as several nice desktop applications.We’ve purchased a few IBM X3650-M3 servers, to be used as new storageservers with Solaris and ZFS.The X3650 comes with an IBM M1015 RAID-controller, which is a bit of a budget controller, since it lacks features as NVRAM and a BBU.

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Initially Open Indiana will contain some closed-source code since the current code-base is not fully open.This would allow to setup Expect on Hipster by a simple file copy or deactivate in line /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/zfsos/_lib/illumos/line 2758 (see error messages). At STH, we have a great forum community using Open Indiana, a successor to Open Solaris.For those interested, there are installable live DVD and USB images available for testing at the Open Indiana Website.IPS repositories are also available so users can upgrade their existing Open Solaris installs.

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