Updating nautical charts canada

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No matter what level you zoom to, you cannot see complete coverage. Tech support helped me for a few emails, but then stopped responding. I am a Windows Phone user, and I use this app as a backup to my expensive navigation system when boating in Canada.

It actually saved me when my boat had an electrical problem, causing my navigation system to shutdown. I love the way I can create and share routes between them. this is not, and I don't care to bump into the Canadian shield.

Please upgrade to version that has an updated renderer and UI. You can find more details regarding using GPS at the link below.

The Nautical Charts of Canada that we sell are produced by the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

Please write to us at [email protected] case # 354594 so that we may assist further and get you back up and running!

GPS Marine Charts App offers access to charts covering Pacific & Central Canada waters (derived from CHS data). *Search POIs/Way points *Pan/Zoom/My Location * Record Marine GPS tracks * View tracks overlay * Live track animation * Track analytics/stats * Export GPX tracks.

Also the program is so clunky it is barely usable - certainly not user friendly.1.

You can use this site to quickly find the chart you require and get it shipped quickly to any location around the world.

You will always receive the latest charts with the most recent corrections/updates.

To find the chart you need, you can search our chart catalogues.

We also expect to have interactive maps added soon to facilitate your search online for canadian charts.

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