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The indexation of pictures consumes a lot of hard disk space (XP: C:\Documents and Settings\loginname\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db3, Vista: C:\Users\loginname\App Data\Local\Google\Picasa2\db3)!

Changing the name and location of a picture In Picasa, pictures are easily renamed and the location of pictures is easily changed by drag-and-drop as well.

Now, and thanks to Picasa you will have the album you desired and you will be able to see your photos anytime you want.

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I made a free open source tool for that purpose: Win Thumbs Preloader. Change the view to "thumbnails" and shrink it down as small as it'll go. Not sure about other versions, but for Windows 10: Go to Windows/Administrative Tools / Disk Cleanup Select what you want to cleanup, but make sure that you also include Thumbnails.

You may need to page down a few times to get them all to generate. Once Completed, the next time you open the File Manager it will generate new thumbnails from within each folder.

This indexation gives an indication how quick Picasa is in showing and managing pictures.

Even the scrolling through all pictures is very fast as well!

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Importing pictures The importing of pictures is done by the button Import.

However, the original files are not moved without asking the user.

Multiple file names of pictures are changed all together easily by selecting them and to select Picture, Batch edit, Rename.

The picture management tool Picasa (download: picasa.google.com) is simple and fast and therefore very popular by the general public of at home photographers.

Even a beginner is quickly familiar with Picasa because this tool orders the digital collection of pictures at ease. This tool has some simple features as well, like enhancing, printing and sending pictures.

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