Views in youtube not updating

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This is why you need to invest in opt-in video advertisements.These kinds of ads aren’t force fed to viewers—people actually have to initiate a video play.Again, this is often difficult to pull off on your own.However, if you use the Viral Gains platform, we’ll take your video content and serve it to your highly targeted audience through placements like the ones listed above.Here’s the video Brady has come up after a thorough interview with Ted Hamilton, You Tube’s product manager for analytics:

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Now, the problem here is that not everyone knows what the reason behind this phenomenon is. Do you know why your or your favorite videos are stuck at 301 views?More often than not, however, you’re stuck wondering why your video hasn’t earned the number of views you think it deserves.Well, here are five reasons you might be lacking in the views department and tips on how you can fix it! You’re not using the right video tags Reel SEO wrote an incredibly informative article last week that explains how to optimize You Tube Tags and Descriptions; we’ve pulled a couple helpful quotes from the post: When it comes to tagging, Derral Eves a You Tube and video marketing consultant breaks it up into four categories.For so long, people have been kept in the dark why so many videos are getting stuck once their videos reach 301 views.Fortunately, this year, somebody—Brady Haran of Numberphile—have fully investigated and finally discovered how and why videos are stuck at 301.

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