Vtp domain currently not in updating state

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If you configure a password for VTP, you must configure the password on all switches in the VTP domain.

The password must be the same password on all other switches.

The VTP password that you configure is translated by algorithm into a 16−byte word (MD5 value) that is carried in all summary−advertisement VTP packets.

VTP ensures that all switches in the VTP domain are aware of all VLANs.

So we can simply say that a VTP domain is a collection of VTP-aware switches that share VLAN information with one another.

You can specify which domain the switch should be in with a simple vtp domain the three described modes; VTP advertisements are received and transmitted as soon as the switch enters the management domain state.

You can try the same with packet tracer; I have mentioned another scenario, named Configuration B.

This information is used in order to determine whether the received information is more recent than the current version.

If you want more theoretical knowledge about VTP, then please read my colleague’s articles about it ( The configuration revision number is a 32−bit number that indicates the level of revision for a VTP packet.

Each VTP device tracks the VTP configuration revision number that is assigned to it.

VTP pruning takes effect several seconds after you enable it.

VTP pruning does not prune traffic from VLANs that are pruning−ineligible.

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