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Update: The Apple store is now back on line after several hours of downtime but it’s not immediately obvious what has been updated.Update: The Apple homepage now carries a tribute video commemorating Steve Jobs’ life — followed by a note from CEO Tim Cook which includes the line: “Steve’s passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us.I remember that Safari did crash most of the time on that i Book so we seldom used Safari.

Friday does mark the one-year anniversary of Apple founder Steve Jobs’ death — but the Apple homepage would seem a more fitting place for a tribute to Jobs.

Check no for each of the notifications you want stopped. I wonder if it is possible tha there may be some weirdness between the older versions of Safari and Apple Support Communities since the update and name change? The discussions that do appear on the i Book display are from the old AD.

This should stop all the e-mails from Apple Support Communities.

Check individual discussions to remove the ones you don't want, or click in the top box which will select all the discussions; then click on Remove Email Notifications.

The next step is to go again to "Your Stuff," but go to Preferences this time and select the Email Notification Preferences tab.

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