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Following in the footsteps of her sister, Victoria Crawford’s younger sister Christina, entered a wrestling career. While she won a few championships, she retired in 2012. When she left the WWE she tried out as a cheerleader for the National Football League’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was chosen.

Like her sister, Christina was hired by the WWE and performed under the name “Caylee Turner”. In 2006 Victoria Crawford began her wrestling career with the WWE and Ohio Valley Wrestling.

She managed Elijah Burke and was a contestant in the “Miss OVA” contest.

However, Alicia Fox kept her relationship with British WWE star and Intercontinental Champion Stuart Barrett, known in the ring as Wade Barrett.Couples in the WWE often hook up while traveling the road for as many as 300 days a year. ’s “Total Divas” in 2014 and continues to appear on the WWE realty show.Fox and Barrett did have a relationship but kept it as quiet as they could. Fox has said it was ultimately because she felt she couldn’t open up emotionally about her past with Barrett which is what she needed. While Fox continues to share her volatile side on the show with the other WWE divas, she also shows another side. While much of realty television is scripted, some of it may be true based on Alicia Fox’s previous discussions about growing up under difficult circumstances.She was always a born entertainer which would become her ultimate career in the world of wrestling.Tired of delivering pizzas and struggling to build an acting career, Victoria Crawford was able to score some modeling jobs.

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