Who is biggie dating

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She talks to me like nobody else talked to me before," Biggie said in an interview with Vibe in September 1994. "People was like, 'When she [Faith] stopped f*ckin' with Big, she started f*ckin' with Tupac, and Big started f*ckin' with Lil' Kim,'" Biggie explained. The relationship kind of dissolved, but we're still going to be friends. We have a baby together, and we're always gonna love our kids. Ten years from now we might even get back together." While Biggie nor Faith never publicly revealed the reason for their split, Biggie's former friend, Tupac Shakur, claimed he slept with Biggie's wife on his song "Hit 'Em Up." It also didn't help that Faith once caught Biggie and rapper Lil' Kim naked in bed together.A year later, she started the most successful period of her career.

Many of Biggie’s lyrics are far too dirty to be sharing in this article, but we have however, featured an awesome collection of inspirational Biggie Smalls quotes and sayings.

Take a look below, and don’t forget to share on social media! “I’m living everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle. “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.” – Biggie Smalls 3. Forgive me for my disrespect, forgive me for my lies.” – Biggie Smalls 4.

“Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirsty.” – Biggie Smalls 5.

The albums Faithfully and The First Lady were certified Gold.

Her most recent albums are 2010’s Something About Faith and 2014’s Incomparable.

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