Who is bill kaulitz dating

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It’s weird.” It’s this experience Kaulitz says that inspired the band to write the track “Love Who Loves You Back” that appears on their latest album, and informed the sexually fluid imagery that appears in the song’s music video as well.

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If there’s a girl next to me, then of course there needs to be a guy next to me. In my opinion, love is not about gender, it’s not about religion. I feel like love — you can’t control it and that’s a nice thing.

“We just had to step away from the career a little bit, because we felt like we had said everything.

We’d done so many albums over so many years and we’d been on the road for such a long time. That muse resulted in a new electronic-laden sound for the alternative rock band, which they carefully crafted over the next five years as they began putting together their fifth studio album, .

It just happens and you don’t choose who you fall in love with.

That’s why I love the song so much and that’s why we shot the video the way we did.” The message is one Kaulitz says the band is excited to be promoting as they head out on their first world tour in five years, and he’s looking forward to giving fans a show like they’ve never seen from Tokio Hotel before.

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