Who is kim murphy dating

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Fiske, however, uses it along with the rest of the set to transform into a fearsome kung fu master.When Kim decides to stay with cousin Larry, it is all up to Ron to stop Monkey Fist.

Note: This episode chronologically comes before the second episode of the season, detailing how Ron joined the cheer squad as the Middleton Mad Dog.

Kim falls for the latest craze sweeping Middleton High, Animology, which purports to predict personality and romantic compatibility.

Along the way, she and Ron have to stop Señor Senior Senior's (Voiced by Ricardo Montalban) scheme to destroy the Billionaire's Club and deal with Animology's prediction that Señor Senior Junior is her soul-mate.

Drakken steals mind control technology which he intends to replicate to take over the world.

When her parents leave on a retreat Kim is forced to take along her twin brothers, who prove helpful in the end.

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