Who is sophie monk dating now

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Her recent stories about her boyfriend have ripped off many hearts into pieces as she is almost out of the league.

Sophie recently talked about marriage with her recent boyfriend.

Australia's favourite Bachelorette is truly loved up months after meeting her publicity shy beau who The couple ran into each other on a Europe to Sydney long haul flight five months ago. "We kissed, I jumped in the window seat and then we had breakfast," she laughed. "When his divorce goes through we are talking about getting married," Monk said, revealing it would be a low-key and intimate affair.

They had adjacent seats in business class, started chatting and that was that. "If we did get married, it would be on the Gold Coast in my back garden …

"Women are conditioned to live with that kind of pain and we just think it's normal," she said.

Monk says it felt like they were instantly "best friends". just with family." She added, smiling: "I have waited and gone through so much s*** to meet someone so good.

He doesn't want publicity which is ironic because I'm talking about it.

She continually works day and night, which is the main reason behind her enduring success.

Her very first single “” went on to sell above 35,000 copies worldwide in 2002.https:// WN7GVg3v Z/?

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